What do I get as an UM writer?

  1. Reveal your story to the world – Through advertising, social media, our newsletters and our extensive library, members have the opportunity to purchase your work.
  2. Access to other stories – As an UM member you can access manuscripts from other writers and see what is trending in real-time through an honest and unbiased market.
  3. Remuneration – UM offers your work to our members to purchase with a 70/30 split in favour of you, the author. I.e. 70% of the purchase price – up to 10x what the publishing industry apportions most writers.
  4. Reveal your story to the world – Let UM handle the rest through in-house advertising, social media content, newsletters, and an extensive library all aimed at getting your work into the hands of readers.

Register with UM


The details...

Membership fee of $5.00 a month.

All Books sold at $7.99.

Writers receive 70% of the purchase price with remuneration paid quarterly.

$5 admin fee per additional book uploads.