How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee for both readers and writers is $5 per month.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, the subscription does not lock you in and you are capable of cancelling this subscription at any time.


How will I know which works I might be interested in before making a purchase?

A blurb of the work is available to read as well as a short bio on the author. This can provide a great insight in to the work.

How do I access the works that I purchase?

The works will be downloaded after a purchase is made and you can view this on your device.


How and when am I paid for any sold works?

Renumeration is made quarterly into your nominated bank account.

Do I retain the rights of my work after I upload it?

Yes, ownership of works remain with the author. Unpublished Manuscripts does not obtain any right of ownership or use (including any intellectual rights) in respect of the works. When a Member buys a work from you, the Member does not obtain any right of ownership or use (including any intellectual property rights in respect of that work.

What do I do if my work does not fit any of the categories offered?

Firstly classify your work as either fiction or non fiction, then chose a category that is most suitable for your work.