If you enjoy reading and Crime is your preferred genre, we have the best collection of unpublished Crime novels available, published just as the author intended

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  • Natural Born Banker

    Jennifer Jashanmal 27th October, 2021

    'Natural Born Banker' is a story about the consuming ambition, jealousy and love that plays havoc with the lives of Hugo Baume and Maxwell Baume.

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  • Street Sweeper

    Paul Drewitt 14th July, 2021

    Having graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Jo Winters is out to cure the world. She undertakes an action research project on the placebo effect on drug addiction, setting up a controlled experiment to test her thesis, changing her life forever. Street Sweeper does more than render the essence of a particular time and place,…

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  • King Cobra

    Paul Drewitt 7th July, 2021

    Sam is a teenage boy who literally sees his life as a prelude to adulthood in a very contrived manner. Burly studies the density of time involved and how one boys perspective can give mankind an overall distorted view of human behaviour and development. Burly deals with issues such as sexism, body image, friendship, popularity,…

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  • Mail From Moscow

    Tanya S 30th March, 2021

    Kidnapped while holidaying in Moscow, Charlene Gordon must sit tight, hoping and praying Roman Sharapov reaches her before she becomes a casualty in a chilling crime.

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  • The Mourning After

    Laurie Gilbert 7th March, 2021

    The novel is a thriller. Cameron Courtenay suffers from grand mal epilepsy and comes to believe he may be committing murders while in the fugue state following his seizures.

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  • 26th of the First

    Karl Reid 21st November, 2020

    26th of the First. Don't you dare forget

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