If you enjoy reading and Fantasy is your preferred genre, we have the best collection of unpublished Fantasy novels available, published just as the author intended

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  • THE LEADER OF THE WORLD- The Last Messenger

    Emanuel Grech 10th January, 2021

    A naked man is found wandering in a remote area of the Australian outback. He has an inner growing power and belief that he has been given a mission to correct the direction that humanity has taken, by any means at his disposal. He is the last messenger and the last chance Earth has of…

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  • Frazer Glazia

    Donna Young 18th November, 2020

    Many people know Australia, but they dont know about Fraser Glazia, the land of dreams and magic. It is the last city of fairies.

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  • The Great Treasure Hunt

    Megan Denton 20th October, 2020

    Sally Seahorse you’re late! say Professor Walrus. I’m sorry Professor Wilbur Walrus but… says Sally Seahorse with her head hanging low as he can not see her secret smile.

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  • The Continuing Adventures Of Warty Willy and Pimples Pete

    Stephen Denton 19th December, 2019

    Welcome to the first instalment of Warty Willy and Pimple’s Pete. This book introduces William and Pete, two young English boys from humble backgrounds, that are launched upon an exciting adventure of magic and intrigue.

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