26th of the First

26th of the First. Don't you dare forget


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Action Crime Drama Fiction

Just a few years ago Graham Reynolds was a highly decorated Lieutenant serving in the Royal Australian Navy.
Now hes a ritualistic serial killer.
Driven by rage after the tragic death of his family; his victims are Migrants who flaunt the wrong side of the law.
Brain and Dilshant are two good detectives, who for two years now have been trying to solve the migrant killer mystery
and dissolve the racial tension surrounding the case. Theyve managed to keep the media at bay,
but are no closer to catching the killer. Things change early on, and the search intensifies when
Brian and Dilshant discover that Graham changes his M.O, and has started targeting a migrant based
organized crime syndicate.
Graham leaves a trail of destruction, murder and carnage in his wake as he goes from gang to gang,
dealing out his own special brand of justice.
Tom Reynolds is Grahams nephew and is trying piece back together a life with his girlfriend and son after
a two year jail stint for a crime he did not commit.
When Tom finds out what his beloved uncle has been doing, he feels somewhat responsible and realizes
he is probably the only man (also an ex navy officer)
who can stop him before there is anymore bloodshed. Tom will eventually have to choose between avenging
his fathers murder from 15 years ago
or staying true to what his father taught him as a boy; that Two wrongs dont make a right.
And then by his crafty Uncle Grahams design,
Tom is forced to save his son and girlfriend from some baddies before going on to save the day.
The 26th of the First is a non stop uncompromising suspenseful crime story that ends as hardcore as it starts;
with our out of control killer, the cops who are after him, a fed with a dark past, and a good nephew,
together in a dramatic climax on the Sydney harbor in front of hundreds of thousands onlookers celebrating
Australia day for an epic ending that wont be forgotten.

Year Written: 2015