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We invite you in to uncover the secrets to true spirituality as Psychic Medium, Donna Young, channels her guides for all the answers.
In this book, Donna introduces you to Spirit Club, the mediumship class she has formed with some of Australias most amazing mediums. By applying her own life experiences, learnings and courage, she gifts the world in a beautiful and honourable way, this wealth of tips and guidance intended to help you on your own mediumship journey.
Donna was guided to create Spirit Club from a young age. Shes always known she was here to lead the way in forming heart-based connections with like-minded people, allowing messages of love and hope to flow around the world.
She started working with spirit at the age of 4. At age 16, following a difficult childhood, Donna experienced several near-death experiences after being diagnosed with the final stages of cancer, as well as cerebral thrombosis.
Since that early childhood, through her many past-life adventures to the other side, to her miracle return to health, and every true life and spiritual encounter since then, Donna has finally brought herself to the public eye to share the wonder and truth contained way beyond what we allow our selves to believe.
Embrace Donnas words of wisdom, and feel her compassion for humanity through her teachings, as she offers the love, hope, dignity and respect she has received from her own guides to the world. Let Donna guide you, as she shares her spiritual gifts with you.

Year Written: 2021

Word Count: 30191

Donna Young

Donna was born in the Australian country town of Cootamundra in 1975. She grew up in the New South Wales towns of Grafton, Sydney and Newcastle, and currently resides on the outskirts of Sydney with her Partner and Children. She survived final-stage cancer in her teenage years and has since run several companies while bringing up her family. Donna values nothing more than family bonds and strong friendships and has dedicated her life to her children. Also well known as Psychic Medium Donna Young Where she travels Australia Teaching spirituality, attending her very popular live shows and extremely accurate and detailed readings. Donna assists with missing persons and is well known around the world.

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