The Boring Job Project

How I found job satisfaction by doing more outside of work


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Anne likes her job. Its perfectly fine. It ticks all her employment boxes except one. Its boring as all heck.
One day, while staring at the dated dcor of her office, Anne realises that she needs to make a change. But theres nothing wrong with her job; she just finds it downright dull. Why change something thats almost perfect? Instead, she ponders the idea of making more use of her time outside of work to increase her job satisfaction.
Anne is on a mission to achieve the elusive work-life balance. Shes got the work; now she just needs a life.
In an attempt to keep her sanity and not let herself be consumed by her boring job, Anne tries out a series of different hobbies to keep herself interesting and give her something to look forward to after a day of data and deadlines.
From becoming a vlogger to trying new sports and making her own beauty products, Anne finds that some hobbies just arent sustainable, while others never make it past the first stitch. Shell try anything that might pique her interest and give her something to talk about at the water cooler, without breaking the bank. But will a hobby be enough to give her the job satisfaction that shes chasing?

Year Written: 2020

Anne Novek

Anne Novek won't bore you with an explanation of her day job. After five o'clock she likes to write about her unremarkable life, drink endless cups of tea and watch home renovation shows. She studied journalism - a degree she can now claim to use - and lives in Sydney with Hubby, her beautiful daughter and two adorable pooches. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @annenovek or on her website

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