The Continuing Adventures Of Warty Willy and Pimples Pete

Welcome to the first instalment of Warty Willy and Pimple’s Pete. This book introduces William and Pete, two young English boys from humble backgrounds, that are launched upon an exciting adventure of magic and intrigue.


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Fantasy Fiction

After accidentally interrupting a leadership ceremony being conducted by the magical but evil treplicons, Willy is cursed to grow warts over all parts of his body. This brings on a source of embarrassment that leads him to despair. He soon discovers that he must travel to the treplicon realm to reverse the curse. Once they arrive in the beautiful magical world, Willy and his best friend Pete discover that the reversal of the curse is only half their task and they must overcome the powerful and soulless swamp spirit to save the land they have come to love.

A story for all ages that includes trials and tribulations, friendship and love. Involving stone trolls, sabre eels, wood rats, rose warriors and many more intriguing characters.

Year Written: 2008

WW Author

Stephen Denton

Stephen Denton, an author and a lyricist, born in Australia in 1956 and has worked writing and editing stories for trade magazines and websites. This is the first of what will be three books that trace the adventures and evolution of Warty Willy and Pimple’s Pete, their trials and tribulations whilst growing up and their journey thru interpersonal relationships and experiences. A quick-paced novel that is easy to relate to for any age group, this story exemplifies the three main types of any good read- adventure, friendship and love. So settle back and enjoy the first instalment of Warty Willy and Pimple’s Pete.

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