A naked man is found wandering in a remote area of the Australian outback. He has an inner growing power and belief that he has been given a mission to correct the direction that humanity has taken, by any means at his disposal. He is the last messenger and the last chance Earth has of remaining as part of the Creators body. Humanity has squandered and defiled the natural gifts bestowed to it for their survival and therefore destroying their only home. And now a war between the major religions is looming. Desperate to save the planet, the messenger scrambles to do the impossible. He must stop the senseless, unwarranted deaths of humans and the destruction of the animals ecosystems of the world. He must find solutions to world wide pandemics, put an end to poverty and hunger, eradicate the insidious sickness of pedophilia and other threats against children. He must somehow find a solution to the unsolvable conflict in the Middle East and eradicate terrorism. Using the media, the messenger sets about creating "miracles" on a global stage. If his plan succeeds, he will prove that there is a higher energy and that all things are a part of it But first he must inspire humans to help him in his quest and for them to learn to live a much more humane life. He now understands why previous messengers had taken the path of starting a religion based on their teachings. He decides that the answer is to amalgamate all religions into one. If he only knew how much time he had to achieve his goal before a pending disaster destroyed the planet.


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Action Fantasy Fiction Sci-Fi

The chief nervously motioned and yelled out an order for the man on the lead horse to step down. Not a sound or the slightest movement came from him or the other petrified statues, which were seemingly frozen in time. With perspiration running down his face, the older police officer slowly drew his old gun and aimed it at the general. Both motionless, they stared at each other for several minutes.
The statue of the general suddenly raised its right arm in such a swift motion that it startled the constable; he fell backwards onto the floor jerking his firearm and squeezing the trigger. A shot rang out, and the sound it made echoed throughout the hills; the figure of the general shattered, almost as if in slow motion, into a hundred pieces, showering the two constables with the debris. Immediately, from the line of soldiers, an archer drawing an arrow from the quiver jumped up onto the side wall of the walkway, and in an instant, an arrow flew through the air and hit the chiefs loose-fitting shirtsleeve, knocking the gun out of his hand.
All who witnessed the event were petrified and glued to the spots where they stood; now there was no doubt that these soldiers were the terracotta warriors of Emperor Shi Huangdi.

Year Written: 2015

Word Count: 159000