The Mourning After

The novel is a thriller. Cameron Courtenay suffers from grand mal epilepsy and comes to believe he may be committing murders while in the fugue state following his seizures.


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Crime Fiction

Suddenly his mindless pacing ceased as though an electric fence had been activated in his path. His face contorted, giving the appearance of a shock of electricity coursing through him. His mouth opened in a scream that would have been terrifying to hear had there been anyone within listening distance. He sagged onto the deep pile carpet, already unaware he was doing so. Blackness enveloped him.

What..what? Jesus! He half sat, propping himself against the side of the chintz sofa. The carpet beneath him felt strange, somehow repulsive to his oversensitive skin. His head began to throb and he felt unbearably heavy, still uncertain as to what had happened, as was usual following an attack. If someone had asked him his name and address he would have been unable to produce them from the murky depths of his consciousness. The first coherent thought that came to him was that his lethargy was more pronounced than usual. He was never entirely certain, immediately following an attack, what his norm was, since it was some time before he could so much as discern that an attack had occurred.

Year Written: 2021

Word Count: 105803

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