these ragged old bones-book one

my writing is about redemption and death. i have stories of lovers and observations of the world around me. i love reading and writing about the depths of darkness and what might lie beyond. sometimes my writing is reaching the surface of what seems an endless struggle to reach the light. it is about the delinquent soldier son, the rebel in us all and for the weary pilgrim traveller, traversing the landscape of his mind, body, spirit and soul. inner and outer. it\'s about the reunion with oneself after a time of being lost in the darkness finally coming home to kindred soul and friends alike. the book is about God and love and our search for God whilst searching for one\'s heart during a time where all humanity is lost. for some, my poetry might relate, please enjoy.


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Non Fiction

sit still and quiet dear beating heart
of this bird
all will come to pass
in time
for within without
a silent word
comes this fragment of mine
it shall cover you down
and keep you warm
it shall settle you down
from dusk till dawn
for at sunrise when the moon is still seen
i shall love you forever little bird of my dream

Year Written: 2020

joanne oneill

hi my name is jo, i ve been writing since i was 14 but more seriously for publication for he last 17 years, so i have a lot of poems to publish! i write about redemption and memories worn by time. some are about old lovers, and death. i believe it's in death we exist. mostly the afterworld and of my plight and observations of the world i live in. please enjoy. jo x

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