Villers Bretonneux

The true story of how an outnumbered and outgunned Anzac battalion who faced up to the advancing might of the German Army to save a tiny French town, this ferocious battle changed the fate of World War One forever.


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Action Drama Fiction

Elderly Aboriginal man Cliff on his annual pilgrimage to Villers-Bretonneux in northern France, as he returns to the place of his grandfathers death. And this time he is determined to find 'Ernie's' grave so he can say good bye the Khoury way to allow Ernie's soul to finally rest in peace. As some school children help Cliff, he recalls his grandfathers story, beginning way back when Ernie, his brother Billy and Henry, who is the son of the farmer who they work for, are still just kids? A life lasting friendship is forged after an intervention by Henry and his father defied the Crown. The boys grow up together, become skilled drovers and when the Coo-eee march comes to town they decide to enlist together. And like so many others, after just seconds of landing on the shores of Gallipoli the three boys are forced to grow up…
After the Gallipoli campaign we catch up with the boys and find them as hardened men. No longer greenhorns our heroes are tasked with mentoring the new wave of soldiers, unfortunately the next battle they face is the battle of Fromelles. True to the actual events the battle of Fromelles is a bloody battle where the Anzac's take huge casualties. Our boys survive, but only just, and after being let down by the British they will never be the same innocent boys again.
As the war continues, wheels are set in motion that will set the boys up against the same German commander who defeated them at Fromelles, when the Germans determine that the small French town of Villers-Bretonneux needs to be occupied in order to control northern France. And so, the battle for the tiny French town begins, firstly with the Germans taking the town from the British, and then as we see the first ever recorded Tank battle take place the British and Anzac's take it back. Then the Germans stoop lower again by using mustard gas to drive out the British soldiers who were left behind to defend the town. Then real danger looms for the entire allied campaign because as soon as the Germans can bomb the city of Amien's from their strong hold of Villers-Bretonneux the outcome of WW1 could very well turn in favour of the Germans…
Based at the city of Amien's Anzac heroes (real men) William Glasgow and Harold Elliot have just been given the orders to drive out the Germans and save the town. And as the Intel suggests it must be done asap or the German heavy artillery will take over Amein's and control northern rail links with it. They call on hardened warrior Ernie to help with the battles plans, and together they come up with the audacious plan to defeat the Germans once and for all. Although the Anzac's are outnumbered, out gunned and with virtually no ammunition we witness the true account of this extraordinary final battle for the town, as we follow the diggers through what may have been their finest ever hour.

Year Written: 2020