We Were All At Sea

This covid-19 Virus has allowed me to finally sit down and finish what I started a few years ago, so hopefully you will allow me to submit my story to you at this time. I am a 68-year-old Veteran and have been working on this project for several years, culminating in my participation into abuse in the Armed Forces a few years ago. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts regarding my work. Photos from yesteryear are also included in my book.


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This memoir/autobiography celebrates 50 years of Junior Recruit service to our Navy. Established in 1960 and decommissioned in 1984 the story follows the life of a 15-year-old inducted into the service for twelve years in 1968 and sent to Vietnam on the Vung Tau Ferry (H.M.A.S. Sydney) the following year.
The commemorative year of 2010 recognised the contributions made by young teens, many still children, to their country.
My story is partly dedicated to those who did not survive physically and/or mentally serving at a time when bullying and bastardising was the model in the defence forces, along with an element of stoic indifference on behalf of the young recruits custodians, although not always.
Included, at the beginning of my story, I have a Dedication and a separate Prologue regarding the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (D.A.R.T.) inquiry, of which I was a contributor, after submitting two lengthy essays. Also included in this book are selections from the 380-page Government report allotted me in 2014.
Furthermore, let me remind you that the world was on its own road to perdition at this critical time in our history.

This story was only completed in the last few years after my involvement in the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce – D.A.R.T. – in 2014.

Year Written: 2018

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Mark Bruhwiller

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